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  • Clothing Store | New York | Queen E. Collection

    EXPLORE OUR LATEST COLLECTIONS ROYAL DIADEM Queen Amina of Zaria, Nigeria Queen Amina, a woman of valor, an ingenious leader, and a strategist whose capabilities are limitless. As the strength and dignity of Queen Amina were unquestionable; So, is the eloquence of this majestic floral gown made for the modern-day Queen Amina. Her presence is announced without the use of words. The two-layer floor-len gth flared dress, asymmetric neckline, and puff sleeves command the attention without demanding attention. This beautifully crafted design is made out of 100% cotton, silk and polyester. Discover More ROYAL DIADEM Queen Nefertiti of Egypt Queen Nefertiti, a royal banner of beauty. A woman of honor and pride with a beauty so divine, that her glory is made known all over the world. As her name implies “the beautiful woman has come.” So is this elegant abstract art print dress. Made for the modern-day queen who is not afraid to use her beauty to convey power and influence. A two- piece set, a button up flared sleeve shirt and an embellished mermaid with long sleeve dress. Discover More ROYAL DIADEM Queen (Kandake) Amanirenas of Kush, Ethiopia Kandake means a great woman . Like the kandakes, a great woman knows no limit when exuding her prowess. Her bravery crowns her heart of gold. Her beauty goes far beyond what meets the eye; it reflects the strength of her inner being, her defiance of convention, her struggles, her compassion and love for humanity that endears her to others. This exquisite dress is made for today’s kandake. The corset-style short dress effortlessly adorns her forms enunciating her femineity and the mix of blues boldly affirms her strength. Discover More EXPLORE OUR ROYAL DIADEM Queen Kandake As the Kandake, a great woman knows no limit when exuding her prowess. Discover More Queen Makeda Makeda, a woman of great splendor; her power lies in the depth of her knowledge and wisdom. Discover More Queen Moremi Moremi, the simple yet sophisticated queen; her beauty speaks without altering words. Discover More GET THE LATEST NEWS Be the first to know the latest events, designs and collections about our brand. Subscribe

  • Collection | Queen E. Collection

    COLLECTIONS CAPSULE COLLETION'22 Rise In The City Our latest collection inspired by New York City as the birth place of our brand. Discover More ROYAL DIADEM'21 Discover our royalty inspired collections made for the modern-day queen, to make an impression in the modern era. Discover More Home

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    SHOP OUR LATEST COLLECTION $1250 $1250 $1800 $1250 $1250 $1250 $1250 $1250 SHOP OUR RISING IN THE CITY COLLECTION $850 $1950 $1900 $1550 $2250 $950 $1200 $450 $750 $1750 $1950 SHOP OUR ROYAL DIADEM COLLECTION

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