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Blue African/Ankara designed with blazer suit and pink Ankara print blouse and blue plain flare leg pant suit




“Queen E. Collection is “The Royal Brand” that celebrates African heritage and the excellence of royal characters. Our brand celebrates being Black, being African and being Royalty. 


Queen E. Collection is a fashion brand founded by Ms. Queen Enidiok in New York City, USA. Inspired mostly by her African roots, the Nigerian-born designer celebrates being black, African, and royalty. She believes we are all royals; we only have to search deep within to inherit our royal traits. Her simple yet sophisticated, chic, and elegant apparel effortlessly exude royalty.

Queen E. Foundation black logo on white background


Our mission is to empower girls and young women around the world to obtain an education, personal/character development. And also encourage them to adopt a belief system of their choice to guide them in their quest to live a purpose-driven life, in modern times.

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