Fashion designer Queen Ediniok wearing orange, red and blue Ankara print blazer


Queen E. Collection is a fashion brand founded by Ms. Queen Enidiok in New York City, USA. Inspired mostly by her African roots, the Nigerian-born designer celebrates being Black, African, and Royal. She believes we are all royals; we only have to search deep within to inherit our royal traits. Her simple yet sophisticated, chic, and elegant apparel designs effortlessly exude royalty. And are made with exquisite African textiles, luxury fabrics, and prints.


The  designer’s love for fashion and natural creativity in fashion designing led to her passion and purpose in the fashion business. She earned her Bachelor of Science with honors in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and a minor in Mathematics from the University at Albany, New York. And her first Masters of Science degree from Weill Cornell Medicine. She is currently finishing up an MBA in Healthcare Management and Finance. She focused most of her career in the health care field while developing and building  her visionary fashion company. She is ecstatic to  start this journey solely focused on her purpose of bringing to you the fashion brand you deserve- The Royal Brand, that celebrates and embraces you!

She is re-launching the company and debuting her first luxury collection at the New York Fashion Week 2021. Before transitioning into a luxury fashion brand, she has showcased her previous mid-luxury designs on several platforms, from  Africa Fashion Week Nigeria Lagos, Nigeria to the BET Awards Fashion showcase and many more. 

Her lifelong goal is to use her platform to serve young children especially young girls from the underprivileged communities around the globe. With the hope of transforming them into royalty. By advocating the valuable lessons of self-love, self-development, self-discipline and self-leadership. And emphasizing the importance of education, mentorship, and the acquisition of belief/faith system for life-guiding principles, which she believes are keys to attaining success despite any life adversities.