Queen E. Collection is a Fashion line founded by Ms. Queen Enidiok in New York City, USA.  Inspired mostly by her African roots, the Nigerian born designer and stylist, celebrates fashion forward women and men and their individuality through her simple yet sophicated, chic and elegant apparel, made with traditional and luxury fabrics and prints. Queen is a self- taught designer, her love for fashion and natural creativity in fashion designing led  to her passion and purpose in the fashion business.

She earned her Bachelor of Science with honors in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and a minor in Mathematics from the University at Albany, New York in 2011 and focused most of her career in the health care field. And recently earned  her Masters of Science degree from WCM of Cornell University.

 She made her first official collection debut into the fashion scene when she was selected to showcase alongside already well known and established designers at the 2014 Africa Fashion Week Nigeria that was held in Lagos, Nigeria, and has since showcased her work at many prestigious  platforms such as BET Awards , One Africa and several Universities across the US such  Stanford University. She has also worked as a wardrobe stylist on set with various international artists  and music video directors on records like " Fine Girl" by Wale ft Davido and Olamide.

Her 2015 Summer/Spring collection, “VIVIDLY ROYAL” gained the fashion line  recognition from major fashion outlets around the globe with  multiple publications. Her 2016 collection “CROWNED” vividly depicts Queen’s vision not only as a designer but her true believes on how women should be viewed, as well as how young woman should view themselves. She strongly believes every woman young or old is “A Queen” or “A Queen in the making”. Thus, her designs aim to give that lady the confidence she needs to exude her royal characters. She has released several other collections till date . Likewise, her brand has been spotted on celebrities such as Actress Gabrielle Union- Wade, Angela Rye, Yandy Smith etc. And her designs has been featured on several fashion outlet such GLAMOUR, ESSENCE,TEEN VOGUE, FASHION BOMB, ZEN AFRICA  etc.

Queen’s ultimate goal is to use her brand, Queen E. Collection as a platform to serve young children especial young girls from the underprivileged communities around the globe by partnering with non-for-profit organizations, to instill the valuable lesson of self-love, self- development and self-discipline by emphasizing  the importance of education, mentorship, and acquisition of believe system -faith, which she believes are keys to attaining success in life despite any life adversities. Queen has recently has worked with various organizations such as the Tess Foundation and hosted a fashion show to release her 2016 line to raise funds for Pediatric Cancer Research at  Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. She aims  to ensure that Queen E. Collection equates its motto “Fashion with a Purpose”. Last year in 2017, she launched a platform –“Destiny Conversation Over Brunch” where she connects with young women of like minds to discuss the importance of living a purpose-filled life – emphasizing on the necessity to discover one's purpose, continuous self impovement,  establishing businesses, having faith in God and building positive relationships.